Red Sox release 2013 team guide to beards


Via twitpic, the Boston Red Sox posted a little guide to the many and different beard styles worn by the players this season. For example, we have “The Tease” – David Ortiz, not to be outdone by “The Salty” – Jarrod Saltalamachia…

Per ‘ In advance of the team’s “Dollar Beard Night,” the Sox shared a handy guide to a dozen of the varieties of facial hair that will be on display at Fenway. From “The Sick Flow” sported by Dustin Pedroia to “The Wolf” that lives on the face of David Ross, here are the AL East-leading 2013 Red Sox. ‘

“Dollar Beard Night” takes place on Wednesday, Sept. 18th at Fenway Park when the Sox play Baltimore. Fans who show up with a beard (real or fake) will only have to pay $1.00 to get in.

Not a bad deal, but don’t forget, you’ll need an extra 17 bucks for a hot dog.


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