Josh Freeman bolts from the media shoeless and shirtless


Demoted Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman, amid a flurry of news that he’ll be traded, was in no mood to talk to the media following practice Thursday.

The doors to the locker room swung open for the team’s 45-minute media session, and the throng of reporters immediately headed toward Freeman’s locker, reports Pat Yasinskas of

Freeman, still shirtless and shoeless, caught a glimpse of the pack headed his way. In a split second, he grabbed his shoes and shirt and headed for a door to the equipment room, off limits to the media.

The media camped out at his locker until a spokesperson for the team informed them that Freeman is declining to speak with them.

Looks like Josh isn’t too happy about being replaced by Mike Glennon, who gets the start this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. No word yet if he’s demanding a trade or whether the team is even considering it.

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