Former NFL player cut for messing with a white woman?

leroy-jackson-cardDavid Irons, a nephew of former Washington Redskins running back Leroy Jackson, told Yahoo Sports that his uncle was cut from the team “because they caught him in a hotel room with a white woman.”

“Can you believe that?” Irons said, “They cut him for something that’s so common today. It’s unreal.”

Yahoo! Sports also interviewed Jackson himself, who seemingly confirmed the story, although he adds in a another reason:

“I think it probably was about a woman… interracial things and not being able to hold onto the ball.”

Per the Huff Post: ‘  Jackson made history for being one of the first black players to be drafted for the Washington Redskins. While other teams in the NFL integrated much earlier, the Redskins held out until 1962. Yahoo Sports points out that owner George Preston Marshall was dead-set against hiring any black players until the Kennedy’s administration pressured them to do so.

Jackson wasn’t the first black player drafted, but he was the first to actually play a game. ‘

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