Dolphins DT Randy Starks’ bird flip won’t cost him


The NFL decided to pass on fining Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks after he flashed his middle finger toward the Dolphins sideline during their week one matchup with the Cleveland Browns, reports Ryan Wilson of

Starks had a great game, registering 1.5 sacks on QB Brandon Weeden. The gesture came on his final sack of the day.

Unlike Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams, who was fined $250,000 after he went on a middle finger tirade in 2009, the league considers Starks’ use of the offensive finger a team matter.

“Of course I regret it,” Starks said, according to the Miami Herald. “It’s something I shouldn’t have [done]. It was something that I was joking around with my teammates. Whatever consequences happen, I have to take it.”

Coach Joe Philbin added: “Any discussions I might have had with Randy would stay internal. They are of a personal nature.”

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