Did rapper ‘The Game’ punch Pistons’ Brandon Jennings?


According to HipHollywood.com, Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings was out with friends celebrating his birthday at Lure nightclub’s popular day party “Toxic”.

Apparently that’s Game’s preferred choice of club and he took exception to Jennings us of the club’s microphone.

“Jennings was at Lure hosting his birthday party with friends, which didn’t sit well with the Compton rapper who frequents the club. ‘Game feels like Toxic is his, and he didn’t like that Jennings was hogging the microphone. He felt like he was being disrespected,’ one person who witnessed the altercation tells us. ‘Game tried to have words with him, and it just escalated quickly and Game hit Brandon in the mouth,’ another source says.”

After the punch, security quickly broke the two parties up and for some reason, allowed all to stay. Of course, another fight broke out between the two parties, the report says.

UPDATE: Jennings is confirming that the incident did indeed happen, although he doesn’t mention The Game by name. He posted this Tuesday night with a photo of himself smiling, writing “Sucker punch when I wasn’t looking. Ps my face is great looks the same. See!!!”


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