Dick Vitale backtracks on comparing Arian Foster to a prostitute: I’m sorry, Baby!


Soon after it was learned that Houston Texans running back Arian Foster admitted in a documentary that he received money on the side while playing at Tennessee, famous ESPN college basketball announcer Dick Vitale hopped on Twitter to voice his disapproval in a not-so-subtle manner.

“When they put their hand out like a prostitute & take it they don’t say a word – moaning yrs later = SAD!” Vitale wrote Friday on Twitter.

…And as is the norm when a famous person lets their emotions get the best of them on such a quick and easy medium like Twitter, we get the eventual apology.

“I apologize if it offended u that I used prostitute 4 athletes taking cash,” Vitale wrote Saturday, responding to @marcisenberg‘s Tweet. “My wife agrees with u that prostitute was a bad term to use.”

No word yet if ole’ dicky boy is sleeping on the couch this weekend…

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