Chip ‘Mr. Obvious’ Kelly: ‘You can’t win a football game when you turn the football over like that’


Philadelphia Eagles freshman head coach Chip Kelly, after watching copious amounts of film on their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, has found that turning the ball over numerous times will cause you to lose a football game.

“You can’t win a football game when you turn the football over like that,” Kelly said of the whopping five turnovers committed in their 26-16 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, per an Eagles transcript (via “We’re not blaming it on anything except our poor execution.”

And he’s certainly not going to single out his quarterback Michael Vick. “I don’t think Michael was out of sorts,” he said. “I thought Michael did some nice things. We have to do a better job protecting Mike and giving him an opportunity to set his feet and throw the football.”

As for those pesky turnovers, Kelly further explained:

“You can’t certainly turn the ball over like we did because it does put those guys back out there; Part of our job offensively is we need to hold on to the ball and sustain some drives so that we can get some plays run and try to get their defense gassed.”

As of writing, Kelly is hard at work preparing his comments to their next loss, possibly in week 4 at Denver, entitled “You can’t win when the game ends and the other team has more points than you.”


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