Video: Villanova fools BC with fake punt, scores 47-yard TD

fake punt

Villanova knew they had to do something sneaky in order to take away the BC Eagles’ home advantage Saturday afternoon, and this fake punt certainly had BC and everybody watching fooled… so much so that ESPN cameras almost missed the action as well.

As the Wildcats lined up for a first quarter punt, wide receiver Jamal Abdur-Rahman received the snap, placed the ball on the ground and effectively pretended to snap the ball to another teammate, who broke out along the sideline with the Eagles in hot pursuit. Abdur-Rahman was actually the one still with ball as cameras focused on the teammate streaking down the sideline. A perfect fake punt for a 47-yard TD.

The trickery worked to perfection, but it wasn’t enough as BC survived the embarrassment to win 24-14.

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