Minor league team wins on intentional walk


You don’t see this often. In a game between the Double-A New Britain Rock Cats and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, pitcher Alan Farina was in the process of intentionally walking a batter as the Rock Cats had runners on 2nd and 3rd. Then something quite out of the ordinary happened.

We’ll let Yahoo! Sports sort this strange occurrence out:

…Since this is the second game of a doubleheader, per league rules, the seventh is the final inning unless there’s a tie, which at this moment there is, 5-5. Reynaldo Rodriguez comes up to bat for the Rock Cats, needing a base hit to win the game.

The Fisher Cats make a sound baseball decision: intentionally walk Rodriguez to load the bases and give themselves the option of a force play at any base. You’ve seen this move before plenty of times, no big deal. Until …

Until pitcher Alan Farina lets fly ball four and it literally flies — over his catcher’s head and to the backstop. Eddie Rosario, the runner on third, races home and the Rock Cats earn a 6-5 win in most unusual style.


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