Miguel Tejada suspended 105 games for amphetamines


Kansas City Royals infielder Miguel Tejada has been suspended for 105 games for testing positive for a banned amphetamine under the joint drug agreement, the league has announced, via CBSSports.com.

Tejada, already an old man playing out the twilight days of his career, could be done for good with this suspension. He’s already on the disabled list with a strained calf, so no roster moves are required by Royals, which also means Tejada may have played his last professional game.

105 games seems excessive until you learn that Miguel failed an initial test, then another and hit with 25 games. A third positive test was the charm that landed him with 80 more days.

As it stands, barring A-Rod winning an appeal and reduction, Tejada’s suspension stands as the third-longest drug-related ban behind Rodriguez and Steve Howe.

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