Mark Cuban goes after Bug Selig for A-Rod suspension


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday and didn’t hold back his opinion of MLB commissioner Bud Selig and his so-called personal vendetta against juiced-up slugger Alex Rodriguez, among other things…

“Horrible. I think it’s disgraceful what Major League Baseball is trying to do to him. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve to be suspended, he does,” he said. “But they have policies in place. First-time offenders, 50 games. Second time, 100. 214 games? That’s personal. And I got to tell you, my experiences with Major League Baseball — and after all this there’s no chance I’m going to be able to buy a team — it’s basically become Bud Selig’s mafia. He runs it the way he wants to run it.”

Cuban also went on about how Selig and the league did “everything possible” to keep him from buying the Texas Rangers in 2010.

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