Lamar Odom: from crack hotel, to Taco Bell, to DUI in a matter of days

khloe-kardashian-lamar-odomFree agent Lamar Odom has had quite a week. We first heard that he missing for more than 72 hours, only to be found holed up in a hotel room smoking crack while friends and family performed some sort of intervention.

He then miraculously appeared at the Taco Bell drive thru for some much needed grub, only to be booked a day or two later for DUI after Los Angeles police saw him swerving his Benz on a San Fernando Valley Freeway.

He was traveling in a ‘‘serpentine manner’’, as the police would put it. ‘‘Mr. Odom showed objective signs of intoxication and was unable to perform field sobriety tests,’’ the CHP said in a report. They later said he declined to take a chemical test at the scene.

He was subsequently booked for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and jailed on $15,000 bail. Call to his agent went unanswered on Friday, so we’ll just have to wait for the latest on the saga until further notice.

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