Geno Smith throws a Sanchez-esq 4 interceptions at practice

Geno Smith

Looks like we have two competitions going on at Jets training camp. One for the starting QB job and one for dumbest passes.

It was Geno Smith’s time to shine in the INTs category, as he was determined to be better at sucking, at least for a day, than “veteran” Mark Sanchez.

Smith threw a whopping four interceptions on Wednesday, and head coach Rex Ryan summed it up nicely: ”It was brutal,” he said, via the Associated Press. ”That was Geno’s worst day.”

In all fairness, Smith is dealing with a sore ankle, but excuses are for other the teams, not the J-E-T-S.

”Obviously, the ankle is part of it, but way too many picks,” Ryan added. ”He did not look comfortable today. Obviously, he has to come back from it, and he will come back from it. But it was a bad day… Guys have bad days, but this was a really bad day.”

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