ESPN cans former Eagles DE Hugh Douglas

Hugh Douglas, Michael Smith and Jalen Rose - Numbers Never Lie - September 3, 2012

A quick answer from an ESPN spokesperson that read “He no longer works for us effective today,” was all that was needed to know that former Philadelphia Eagles lineman Hugh Douglas was let go from the sports network Tuesday, reports Sports Illustrated.

ESPN fired Douglas, who was a panelist on the series Numbers Never Lie,’ after disturbing details emerged from his run-in with the show’s host Michael Smith at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair in Orlando. The Big Lead and Deadspin reported the incident last week.hob-orlando

Douglas was reportedly pretty drunk at the event and later attended a party at the House of Blues where he tried to take the club’s stage. Smith advised him not to go up, and that’s when Hugh became an angry drunk:

Via Deadspin: One person told us that Smith—who wasn’t drinking—told Douglas not to go up. It would be a mistake. Douglas apparently wasn’t in a state to be reasoned with. He didn’t go up there, but a few minutes later, Douglas was angry enough to finally tell Smith off.

“Uncle Tom,” Douglas told Smith, according to two people familiar with the altercation. Smith apparently did his best to ignore this. Shortly thereafter, Douglas had more words to say to Smith. He grabbed him by his arm. He threatened to beat him up. Some people, including security, had to break it up.

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