Browns receivers Greg Little and Josh Gordon living dangerously on the road


Two Cleveland Browns receiver are in hot water today after reports of them being pulled over for driving very, very fast in two separate incidents.

Josh Gordon was recently cited for going 98 in a 60 MPH zone, and he’s considered the slow driver of the two.

In April, Greg Little admitted to police that he was driving an extremely dangerous 127 MPH, according to WOIO Channel 19 News.

And when you’re not a professional racer and you go that fast on a public road, guess what happens? You crash.

Little lost control on the Jennings Freeway, bounced off a guardrail, knocked down a light pole and left 40 yards of brake tracks. Luckily, he’s still alive. It also looks like Little hasn’t learned his lesson after this scare. Just Monday, he was citied for going 81 MPH in a 60 MH zone, much slower, but still illegal. Oh, and he also had expired plates.

The team released a statement on the incidents: “We’re aware of the situation involving the players and their unacceptable driving records,” the statement said. “We take matters such as this very seriously. We’ve spoken to both individuals, and will address the issue with the entire team.”


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