A-Rod hints at conspiracy to cancel his contract


New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez thinks there’s a conspiracy at work to keep him down. Although he didn’t say it outright, he certainly is hinting at it.

By the latest indications, it doesn’t seem likely that A-Rod and his attorneys will soften their stance on the penalties the MLB wishes to impose over the Biogenesis scandal.

“There are a lot of layers to it,” Rodriguez said, via USA Today Sports. “My job is to be able to take the field. As far as the legal stuff, I can’t answer that. There are a lot of fans and teammates wondering and asking what is going on.

“There is more than one party that benefits from me not stepping on the field. It is not my teammates, it is not the Yankees. People have been trying to get creative trying to cancel my contract.”

When asked who he was talking about, Rodriguez replied, “What do you think?”

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