Rex Ryan runs with the bulls in Pamplona


A slimmed down New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan took part not only once, but twice, in Pamplona, Spain’s annual Running of the Bulls.

Ben Patton, a contestant on the NBC show ‘‘Ready for Love,’’ tweeted the above Instagram photo of himself and some friends posing with Ryan at the event. The team confirmed that Ryan was uninjured in the both times he ran.

Per the AP: ‘The race, which lasts just over 2 minutes, takes place early in the morning as participants run with six fighting bulls along a narrow course of about 900 yards. It ends when the bulls have run from a holding pen to a city bull ring. Ryan isn’t the first football coach to race through the streets of the northern Spanish city. Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly, then the coach at Oregon, participated in the event last summer, along with wide receivers coach Scott Frost — a former Jets safety. ‘

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