DA to reopen case in death of Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka’s mistress


Nancy Argentino’s death occurred quite a long time ago, but Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said his office will “take a fresh look” at the case to decide if a grand jury investigation is warranted, according to the Randy Miller of the Courier-Post.

Former pro wrestling star Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s has long been suspected of foul play in Argentino’s death when she was rushed to the hospital with a head injury she allegedly suffered while at Snuka’s Whitehall Township motel room back in May 1983. Snuka said she fell and hit her head, but investigators noted that she had several cuts and bruises to her body, consistent with physical abuse.

Now 70, Snuka denied requests by the Courier-Post for an interview. But his wife Carole said by phone, “Jimmy’s been very quiet ever since,” referring to a report in the Morning Call that the case would be reopened.

“His words were, ‘You know I’ll talk to you any day of the week, but this is something I just don’t want to do in the papers,’ ” Carole Snuka added. “He says he feels bad about it, but he’s a private person.”

Until recently, the Argentino family had gone on with life, always hoping for justice. Snuka was found liable in a 1985 wrongful death judgment and ordered to pay $500,000.

He has yet to do so.

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