‘Chicago Stronger’ t-shirts hit the market

Chicago-based t-shirt company Cubby Tees has the distasteful audacity to mock the Boston Marathon tragedy by selling these new “Chicago Stronger” t-shirts for fans to wear during the Stanley Cup Finals pitting their Blackhawks against the Boston Bruins.

The moron in Toronto only made a little sign and got killed for it, but this company is actually manufacturing t-shirts with the offensive slogan, and selling them… or at least trying to.Chicago Stronger

Here’s the company’s misguided logic on the matter:

Following the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing, the nation rallied around Beantown and its “Boston Strong” motto, which has since been appropriated by its sports teams. We love Boston and support/admire its people, but don’t believe that the homicidal lunacy of two disturbed locals has rendered its teams invincible. This is about hockey, this is about O-6 pride, this is about the Cup.


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