Ryan Newman rips NASCAR after going airborne again

Ryan Newman

Stewart-Haas Racing driver Ryan Newman is pissed off and he wants NASCAR to know it.  For the third time since 2009, his car went airborne, and he wants them to do something about it. It’s not safe out there, he says.

“I’d have to say, if they had a driver who was an engineer that understood the race cars more than anybody else, or more than the average [driver], you’d think they would consider my opinion and my education,” Newman said, via ESPN“But I haven’t seen that yet.”

Last  Sunday, Kurt Busch’s car barrel-rolled on top of Newman’s with fewer than six laps remaining.

“I am doing this interview to let everybody know I’m all right,” Newman told reporters after being released at the infield medical center. “They can build safer race cars, they can build safer walls. But they can’t get their heads out of their a—- far enough to keep them on the race track, and that’s pretty disappointing.

“I wanted to make sure I get that point across. Y’all can figure out who ‘they’ is. That’s no way to end a race. Our car was much better than that. That’s just poor judgment in restarting the race, poor judgment. … I mean, you got what you wanted, but poor judgment and running in the dark and running in the rain. That’s it, thank you.”


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