New Dallas Stars logo unveiled two weeks early?

Stars logo

Fans this week noticed a peculiar addition to the Dallas Stars iPhone app’s wallpaper selections, and it certainly looks like this could be the actual new logo… or was this placed to cleverly throw fans off?

The teams’ new logo and uniform unveiling is set for two weeks from now, on June 4th, and it’s slated for a big event, writes Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports. And yes, it does look a little like a Starbucks logo, no?

The speculation is that the circle logo on the left will be a shoulder patch on the new sweaters, with the ‘D Star’ logo as the new primary one for Dallas. But there’s also a chance the Stars will follow in the tradition of the Wild, Blues and Panthers and do a traditional circular crest with the logo inside of it; a.k.a. the logo above …

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