Fox Sports overhead camera cable snaps during Coca-Cola 600, 10 injured

nascar rope

An overhead camera cable snapped at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600, sending part of the drive rope into the grandstand, injuring 10 people, 3 of which went to hospital.

Fox Sports was still trying to determine the cause of the accident and has suspended all use of the camera method indefinitely.

”We are relieved and thankful to know that the injuries to fans caused then CAMCAT malfunctioned at Charlotte Motor Speedway were minor,” the Network said in a Statement following the accident. Not only did fans get hurt, several racers’ car were also damaged when the rope landed on the track as well. Kyle Busch was among those that said his car was damaged from the rope.

Via Pete Iacobelli of the AP:

The rope, Fox said, was made of Dyneema, which it described as ”an ultra-strong synthetic that has the same approximate strength of a steel wire with the same diameter.” It said the rope was less than a year old, had been factory-tested by its manufacturer and its breaking strength was certified before shipment. The rope was also inspected by CAMCAT when it was received last June.

According to, Dyneema has the ”highest strength-to-weight ratio of any manmade material in the world. On weight-to-weight base, it is up to 15 times stronger than steel.” The pictures such cameras provide can be extraordinary. But in this case, the failure brought confusion and chaos to the racers and the fans.

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