Derrick Rose “mentally preparing” for 2013-2014 preseason schedule


After a 2012-2013 season full of rehabilitating and mentally preparing, Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose is officially setting the timetable for his triumphant return to the floor. Rose hopes that by this fall, he will be mentally prepared to play in the preseason.

Since being cleared in March by team doctors physically, Rose was forced to work on his mental issues for the last two months of the 2012-2013 season. He continually expressed his desire to get back on the court “at some point” during the season, but he failed to log a single minute, despite the Bulls playing their arch-nemesis Miami Heat.

This summer, Rose will continue to exercise his mind and build the mental strength needed to compete at the highest level. The mental exercise programs he will go through is said to be similar to SAT preparation courses that high schoolers take. In an ironic twist, this will be the first time Rose will study in this manner, as he had his SAT taken for him while attending Simeon High School.

In related news, Adidas will be extending “The Return,” a series of commercials that highlighted Rose’s comeback from his ACL injury in April of 2012. Part Two is planned to debut this summer, with the possibility of a feature film prior to the start of the much-anticipated 2013-2014 preseason schedule.

Rose could not be reached for this story, but his brother Reggie expressed concern about Derrick coming back for the preseason schedule. If the Bulls are unable to strengthen their roster during the summer through the draft, trades or free agency, Reggie says that Derrick might need more time to mentally prepare.

Stay tuned for the possible return of Derrick Rose in the near future but don’t think of taking him in your fantasy basketball draft. If he can’t make it back for the preseason, sources say he will make the return “soon.”

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