Wrestlemania XXIX predictions

WrestleMania XXIX

For those who can’t wait here is how WrestleMania XXIX will go down in the Meadowlands April 7th…

The excitement has been building for months as the biggest spectacle in sport entertainment is just a few days away.  The 29th installment of WrestleMania in the New Jersey Meadowlands Met Life Stadium will take place in front of 75,000 screaming fans rooting for their favorites, but this year who will be victorious in these earth shaking matches.

Here is a quick look on how the night will go down when the (and as I quote from the WWE Champion, The Rock says) Millions and I mean, Millions will witness history once again.

The Intercontinental Championship – Wade Barrett vs. The Miz

This will be a short match as they will have about five minutes to settle this over hyped dispute with each trading their signature moves when in the end Barrett keeps the title as he pins Miz in a controversial decision.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

This match will pit two of the strongest gladiators in their long awaited match.  In the past few weeks Henry has been sneak attacking Ryback and attacking when Ryback was already down.  Well this will go very similar until the very end when Ryback will sneak one out with a reversal out of the world strongest slam and then march around the ring as he slams Henry for a win.

WWE Tag team Championship – Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

This one will be the time to get a new drink and some snacks as Team Hell No will hold on to the titles after the usual give and take, but this will not be the last you see of Ziggler tonight.

World Heavyweight Championship – Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio

This new rivalry has brought back a story land used in previous years where it is politics with a new twist.  Del Rio will start ahead but with some help from Swagger’s new best friend Zeb Colter, the match will sway to Swagger.  Swagger will control the match until a small mistake will give Del Rio the opening he needs to win and retain the title.  Swagger will attack Del Rio as he leaves the ring upset over the loss. Swagger will race down and take advantage of the fallen Del Rio and cash in his “Money in the Bank” suitcase and defeat Del Rio with a quick finishing maneuver to be the new World Champion.

The Shield vs. The Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus

This is one of the matches everyone wants to see these three superstars put the boots to the Shield, but unfortunately it will not happen.  The latest version of the big three will control the match until they get separated and then the Shield will take advantage and steal the victory…AGAIN.  Who will beat these guys?

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

CM Punk has been pushing the envelope with the Undertaker starting by taking his father figure and friend Paul Bearer urn holding his ashes and then mocking him for weeks.  This match will go back and forth as Punk tries to stop the Undertaker’s 20-0 winning streak in Wrestlemania.  He will come close a couple of times, including with the “Go to Sleep” knee to the head, but just when he thinks he has the Undertaker, ‘Taker will sit up and then  take control finishing off Punk with the Tombstone Pile Driver and the streak will go to 21-0 and the bells will play.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

This will not be for the weak at heart as there will be bloodshed at some point.  The match will go back and forth as each beats the other up.  You will not see wrestling moves as both just want to beat the life out of the other.  In the end Triple H will suffer the same result as last year losing to Brock from an F5.  After the match Brock will try and end Triple H’s career by breaking his arm for a third time, but Shawn Michaels will jump in to try and save his friend.  Michaels will wish he didn’t as he is the one who ends up hurt, before Triple H gets a chair to save Shawn from further injury.

WWE Championship – The Rock vs. John Cena

Here is the re-match John Cena has waited and worked for over the past year and on the other side is The Rock who is happy to beat him again.  As exciting as the match was last year, as there were dozens of near pin falls and submission moves delivered by each wrestler, this will be better.  Both will trade their finishing moves along with some moves they are not use to.  You will see some technical moves in the beginning, but this time you will see the last move and pin fall go to JOHN CENA.  Cena will finally get the title back and let everyone know – THA CHAMP IS BACK!!!

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