Thanks a bunch: Jordan Hill’s buddy destroys his Bentley

Jordan Hill's Bentley

Word to the wise: A professional athlete friend of yours is nice enough to lend you his very expensive Bentley to take out on the town. You should be appreciative enough not to get shitfaced and drive it into a bulding.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Jordan Hill let his friend, 26-year-old Michael Lacey, use the car Saturday night. A drunk Lacey almost made it back safe and sound to Hill’s home… The Bentley smashed into the apartment building where Hill lives at around 2:20 a.m, reported Yahoo! Sports.

Lacey was eventually charged with DUI, according to Elizabeth Espinosa of KTLA 5.  Neither Lacey or his female passenger went to the hospital after the crash, which looks to have totaled the vehicle. Police were able to follow a trail of blood from the elevator to Hill’s apartment.

Nice job Michael Lacey, looks like you won’t be borrowing a car from anyone for a while.

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