Soccer player gets hit with a beer bottle after scoring game-winning goal

George John

Good old soccer. We guess all that excitement from watching two teams duke it out in a long, drawn out, low-scoring sport can get to a few fans now and then.

FC Dallas defender George John was clocked in the head with a beer bottle after scoring what turned out to be the game-winning goal only moments before against the L.A. Galaxy Saturday night. The bottle looks to have come from a fan sitting in the north end of FC Dallas Stadium. Yes, they were the home team! Police reportedly found the guy that did it and promptly arrested him.

“I knew something hit me,” John said, via . “I wasn’t quite sure what happened, if I ran into the post or what, but then I looked down and saw a beer bottle and I was like that had to of hit me. I felt [my head] and there was a ridge and then I was like ‘Yes, something hit me for sure.’ Luckily I didn’t need stitches and I was able to stay in and finish out the game.”

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