Michael Beasley’s skittles habit is out of control

Michael Beasley and Skittles

You think running back Marshawn Lynch has a problem. All I know is that these skittles-addicted athletes better fit themselves for dentures real soon. That candy will wreak havoc on your teeth.

The Phoenix Suns’ Michael Beasley told the Arizona Republic that he eats six or seven packs a day.

Currently, he’s keeping his sugary snack obsession out of view from the team saying “I just eat them at home and keep them to myself,”

“My favorite pack is the wild berry — the best, by far. I like to stick with the wild berry. The red pack is original so it’s always going to be good, but that wild berry takes it to another level.”

Breaking news: five out of five dentists do NOT recommend eating six or seven packs of Skittles per day.

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