Joe Maddon installs gong at Tropicana Field

Rays Gong

Rays manager Joe Maddon was listening to Pandora Radio one day, and after listening to 70s glam-rock group T-Rex’s classic “Bang a Gong (Get It On)”, he had an epiphany.

How about we install a gong at the field, he apparently thought.gong operator

“All of the sudden on Pandora here comes ‘Bang A Gong’ by T. Rex. I love that song,”  Maddon said, via “A hundred buck bounty on anyone that could name whoever was playing, knowing none of them could. “I felt like my hundred dollars was safe.”

Per wtsp: ‘During spring training, that song popped into Maddon’s head and he started singing it for “three, four days in a row” according to bench coach Dave Martinez. He suggested to Joe that the Rays play the song as the team took the field before games and a new theme song was born’

But the team took it one step further. A gong is now installed, complete with a gong operator dressed in some sort of Scottish, Roman, Greek garb to bang the night away. It’s still a little unclear what the gong’s use is for, but we suppose they’ll just bang it from time to time.

Kinda sucks for the fans directly in front of it. Don’t forget to bring your ear plugs.

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