Ex-Oakland Raiders assistant coach guilty in beer bottle attack

Randy Hanson First and foremost, this looks like a guy that would hit you with a beer bottle…

Former Oakland Raiders assistant Randy Hanson is best known for alleging that then-Raiders head coach Tom Cable broke his jaw and teeth in a 2009 hotel fight.

Now he can hang his hat on another event. He was found guilty Monday in a San Luis Obispo courtroom of striking a man with a beer bottle at an area bar, and is now facing up to four years in prison. He likely won’t do that much time, but he’ll do some…

The incident happened when 51-year old James Kelsey allegedly taunted him about the Tom Cable incident, and it all culiminated with a beer bottle attack. Hanson doesn’t remember too much if anything about the night because he had 10 glasses of wine.

Now that’s a lot of wine. For those of you that drink wine, you know know what we’re talking about. It might taste fruity and harmless, but that sh*t sneaks up on you fast!

Hanson claimed self defense, but the jury wasn’t buying it, and found him guilty of felony battery and misdemeanor assault.

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