Urine big trouble ladies: Missouri high school girls put urine in rival team’s water cooler

Urine water cooler

Just a really disgusting move by four teenage girls from Cassville High School in Missouri, who admitted to pouring a cup of urine into a visiting team’s water cooler, bringing ‘Hatorade’ to a whole new level.

The entire girls basketball team from Monett High School drank from the tainted cooler during their game on Febraury 4th.

“We were informed of this incident Wednesday morning, and by Wednesday afternoon,  we pulled our students on the girls’ basketball team that were involved and let  them know what had happened,” said Monett superintendent Brad Hanson, via The New York Daily News. “We also  sent a letter home with the students.”

The Cassville Wildcats beat the Monett Lady Cubs 37-26 in that game. No word if the pee pee played any part in the loss.


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