Tiger Woods’ ball gets stuck in a palm tree

Kurt StelzerIn the final round at the World Golf Championship-Cadillac Championship Tiger Woods’ tee shot seemed to have just disappeared.

Marshalls eventually found his ball, lodged way up above in a palm tree, and they were able to identify it by the stripe Woods applies in black marker, reports USA Today. Golf fan Kurt Stelzer offered to climb up the tree to retrieve it.

“When everyone was pointing up there — the gallery, media, officials, markers, everybody was just pointing up in the tree,” Woods said. “And it got to a point where I was probably about, maybe 60 yards away, and I could see the ball in the tree, identified with binoculars and saw my line on the ball. I took a drop and unfortunately it wasn’t the lie I needed to play the shot. I hit a hell of a shot just to keep it on the green. But yeah, it’s been a very interesting last couple weeks. I had two lost balls last week and then I got one stuck in the tree this week.”


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