Terrell Owens owes over $400K in back taxes

Terrell OwensThe IRS dropped a whopping tax lien on former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens last month, claiming that he owes major taxes from the years 2005 ($294,661.71), 2007 ($46,504.00), and 2009 ($97,747.81), for the total sum of $438,913.52, TMZ has learned.

You know what they say: there are three certainties in life – death, taxes and T.O. f%@!ing up once again.

I just can’t imagine all the money T.O. has made over his career, $80 million, is just gone… gone! A fool and his money, or lack thereof, indeed.

Read the IRS doc here, via TMZ >

Mr. Owens last appeared in the news a few weeks ago when he was met by police outside a woman’s home after she called 911.

T.O. had been banging on her door for about 3 hours, the woman claimed. He wasn’t arrested, but police had to escort him away form the property.

Geesh… a star wide receiver one day, broker and creepy stalker the next. Stay tuned for more of the T.O. show.

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