Ted Johnson apologizes to Vince Wilfork for calling his wife ugly

Ted Johnson, Wilforks

Really? An apology? How do you say sorry to someone for calling his wife ugly on the radio, and expect him to still not want to beat the living s–t out of you???

Big Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork was quite angry when he heard about former Patriot Ted Johnson’s comments on his radio show about Vince’s wife Bianca. Johnson was asked by a caller which of the guys he played with had the ugliest spouse. His answer?

“I got it. Yeah, I got it. This is a big, big man,” Johnson said. “This guy had his way with the Texans this year. … He won’t hear this — Vince Wilfork.”

“I do not play when it comes to my family,” Wilfork wrote after learning of Johnson’s disrespect.”It is f—– up when a x-teammate that I looked up to and enjoyed playing with takes shots at my family. She is my everything. I don’t care when this was said no one should cross that line.”

Dem’s fighting words, and Ted Johnson better hope he doesn’t receive his first post-NFL concussion if the two ever cross paths.

Likely realizing that, Johnson is now on the Twitter apology tour:

“I just made a huge error in judgment and want to apologize to Vince and his wife for comments I made earlier today on a Houston radio show.

“Vince and his family are outstanding people who I have admired since they arrived in NE. I learned a big lesson today and feel terrible.

“I have personally apologized to the family and feel awful. It was a huge error in judgment and I’m sorry for upsetting Vince’s family.”

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