Players and coaches tossed after Stanford-Cal basketball brawl

Allen CrabbeStanford walked off the court with a victory, but not after fans treated to a game that saw a staggering seven technical fouls… Six of them came after a big scuffle late in the second half.

Players and coaches from both teams stormed the floor after Cal’s Allen Crabbe and Stanford’s Aaron Bright fought for the ball. When Crabbe got back to his feet, he gave Stanford’s Dwight Powell a hard shove and the melee ensued.

“Both teams were playing hard, and emotions (were) running high,” Stanford coach Johnny Dawkins said, via USA Today Sports. “I don’t think anyone was doing anything that was below the belt. It was just guys playing hard.”

Via USA Today: ‘Referees watched television replays to sort things out before assessing technical fouls on Crabbe, Cobbs and Justin Wallace of Cal, and Randle, Powell and Bright of Stanford. Additionally, Solomon and Stanford’s Gabriel Harris were ejected for leaving the bench, while Cal assistant coach Gregg Gottlieb and Stanford assistants Mark Madsen and Charles Payne were also ejected.’

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