Nike gets heat for new Tiger Woods ad

Winning takes care of anything

Some people are up in arms over Nike seemingly suggesting in their latest ad that Tiger Woods getting back to his winning ways somehow erases his much publicized off-course misdeeds.

Of course, that’s only subject to interpretation, but we all know how Nike rolls. Provocative ads are nothing new to the shoemaker. Some people may see it that way, others may not; and they could care less.

Tiger of course was a very bad boy who cheated on his wife Elin with several mediocre tramps and destroyed his family, but he’s winning again and back on top of the golf world. Does that take care of everything?

“This is another case of Nike being Nike,” sports marketing consultant David Carter said, via USA Today Sports. “The tagline will reinforce both people who support Tiger or are put off by him. For some people, this will be seen as another case of an athlete who doesn’t understand how a big part of society views what he’s done.”

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