MMA fighter Nick Diaz: ‘I’ve never paid taxes in my life’

Nick DiazNick Diaz just lost a unanimous decision to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 Saturday night in Montreal. At his post-fight press conference, he mentioned possible retirement…

Oh, and something about possibly going to prison…

“You know what? I’ve never paid taxes in my life, no joke. And no one wants to hear that kind of talk and what’s going on with me. I might as well just be a kid,” Diaz said.

UFC President Dana White was a bit taken aback, saying “what’s sad is, he better go pay his taxes He came out publicly tonight and said he’s never paid taxes in his life? Holy [expletive]. That’s sad. You wanna talk about sad? That’s sad,” White said via MMA Junkie.

“Somebody better handle that with this check and make sure that kid doesn’t end up with nothing. There’s a guy who’s Nate and Nick’s lawyer and seems like a decent guy looking out for them. I’ll probably give this guy a call and tell him, ‘Nick said he’s never paid taxes in his life, and you probably want to start working on that [expletive] Sunday morning, not Monday morning.”

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