Michael Vick refuses to hide over death threats

Michael Vick - Finally Free

Okay, we get it, you love your dog ‘Fluffy,’ but is it worth it to threaten to kill a man for it?

Michael Vick was convicted for animal cruelty; he did his time, but death threats? Now isn’t that taking it a little too far? Hasn’t anyone heard of forgiveness?

According to TMZSports.com, Vick had to cancel his visit to a Barnes and Noble for a book signing (It’s a bookstore people, give this guy a break will ya) due to death threats. Since coming back to the NFL, Vick has tried to make amends, but some people want to drive the point home way too far.

Again, we know you love ‘Fluffy,” but we’re talking about death threats over your beloved pets. Vick has shown genuine remorse; hell, we would go to a Barnes and Noble if you paid us, so ‘why so serious eh?’

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