Canada and Mexico brawl at the World Baseball Classic (video)

Alfredo AcevesCanada was on it’s way to easy victory, leading 9-3 at the top of the ninth when Chris Robinson led off with a bunt, which really pissed off the Mexican team. They apparently didn’t realize that the WBC uses a run differential to determine tiebreakers, so basically you go out and score as many runs as you can in a game.

So Mexico reliever Arnold Leon decides it’s payback time and throws at the next batter Rene Tosoni, hitting him on his third attempt.

Then all hell broke loose. Both benches cleared and an embarrassing melee ensued on the world stage. Canada first base coach Larry Walker grabbed a hold of Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves, remarking via Twitter that Aceves had ‘satan’ in his eyes.

File under: The boys of bummer.


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