A.J. McCarron gives his girlfriend Katherine Webb media tips on how to leave him in the future

aj-mccarron and katherine-webb

Somebody tell this kid his girl is as good as gone if he doesn’t become a star in the NFL. No one cares who you are, A.J. McCarron, the name Katherine Webb has surpassed you.

Given the history of Alabama quarterbacks, if A.J. doesn’t turn out to be Joe Namath, he’s got problems, and if he doesn’t get to the Pro-Bowl in his first year like Andrew Luck… kiss the girl goodbye and cry.

“She’s been asking me for advice the whole time. Even though she was Miss Alabama and all that, she had never been through any of the paparazzi deal, and it all came at her at once so fast,” McCarron said, via USAToday.com.

“She’s still learning how to handle everything and will text me or call me for advice. I just have to tell her, ‘Listen, I’ve been going through this for three years almost.’ I do my best to help her every way I can.”

Yeah… right…

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