The new motto of women’s college basketball: ‘Get some’


When did they put sexy back in women’s basketball? That’s UConn coach Geno Auriemma patting Baylor coach Kim Mulkey on the butt before the game. Auriemma gave an explanation, but (no pun intended) how are you going to slap dat ass Aur….

“She was staring at my butt and she was commenting on it and I said, ‘Really? How about yours?’” Auriemma said, via Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports.

“She went, `Yeah, look at it,’ and I went (slap), ‘I’ll teach you a lesson.’ And then she started talking about how she only dated Italians her whole life and that she wanted me to set her up with some Italians and I said `The Italians I send to see you aren’t going to date you.’ We’ve had a long and great relationship since, gosh, she was an assistant at Louisiana Tech. It goes back a long ways.”

File under: TMI.

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