Scumbag pee wee hockey coach gets jail time for trip

tremblayVancouver pee wee hockey coach Martin Tremblay, 48, got what he deserved from a judge in the form of a 15-day jail sentence.

Tremblay purposely tripped a kid after a game when the two teams lined up to shake hands, causing a a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old to fall to the ice.

The sucker move was caught on video and it soon became viral.

At his sentencing, Judge Patrick Chen said “win or lose, this was just a game,” he told the court, via the National Post. “This was the last place anyone would have expected an assault to take place, and the very last place one would have expected an adult to assault a child.”

Chen added that “the tripping of the boys was akin to a cowardly sucker punch on an unsuspecting victim.”

Martin Tremblay, you sir are a dick. Let’s all hope he trips in the prison shower during his stay.


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