Only a Mother’s love: 4-star high school football recruit’s mother takes off with letter of intent

He wanted to go, but Mom said no… Remember those days of having to listen? Well, in this case, Mom said no… sort of…

In a bizarre scenario, here is the story of Alex Collins. Collins is a four-star running back from Plantation, Fla., but in his quest for freedom, he wanted to attend Arkansas University.

His mom didn’t want to see her baby fly the coop, so she did what most athletes’ moms would love to do, but never dare. She stole his letter of intent from Arkansas so he couldn’t fax the official document to the school and confirm his decision to attend., according to Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports.

Schwab writes: “His mother has confiscated the papers, she took them and she ran.” “They’re looking for her currently. From what I understand Alex is not at the school right now, he’s looking for his mom. She was quite torn up about him leaving so far from home.”

Now, that love folks…..

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