North Dakota suspends announcer after he calls loss a “choke job”?

North_Dakota_logoNorth Dakota men’s basketball play-by-play radio announcer Paul Ralston watched as his team blew the game in the final minute against Northern Arizona, losing 74-72 at home on Saturday Night.

They missed five free throws over the final four minutes of regulation. In other words, they… well, you know… CHOKED!

In the post-game interview with losing head coach Brian Jones, Ralston uttered the apparently unforgiveable words “choke job,” much to the horror of Athletic Director Brian Faison, who subsequently suspended him, reports The Grand Forks Herald.

Geesh… lighten up man. Suspend the guy for being honest???

Faison says Ralston will not call the game on Wednesday or on Saturday. Associate athletic director Kyle Doperalski will handle the play-by-play for those games. Let’s hope he doesn’t CHOKE!

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