Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria lies to Jose Reyes: “He always told me he was never gonna trade me”

Guess what… he did…. a few days later…

According to Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports, Jose Reyes had dinner with Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria in November, and the boss told him what he wanted to hear.

“He always told me he was never gonna trade me,” Reyes said Friday. “He told my agent, ‘Get a place here to live.’ Before he traded me, days before the trade.” The thrust of the story, when your boss tells you to buy a home in the area, start looking for another job.

Adelson continues: ‘Reyes is a happy guy, an optimistic guy, but he told the story about the dinner with a look of disappointment and resentment. He never heard from Loria or anyone at the Marlins about the deal. Reyes still hasn’t heard from anyone at the Marlins. And he assumes he won’t. “How are you gonna tell me to spend some money on a house,” he said, “and then trade me in two days?” ‘

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