Mario Balotelli commissions life-size statue of himself

Mario Balotelli

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has commissioned a life-size statue of himself to stand at his home in Brescia, Italy, reports Yahoo! Sports.

The bronze statue will capture his goal celebration from the 2-1 over Germany in the semifinals of Euro 2012.

Balotelli, born in Sicily to Gahanian parents Thomas and Rose Barwuah, lived with a foster family, the Balotellis, when he had serious medical conditions as an infant and his family couldn’t provide for him. Later in life, Mario changed his last name and accused his biological parents of “glory hunting” when they wanted him back.

Balotelli is known making some curious purchases in the past. He drives a camouflaged Bentley; what more do you need to know?

Mario's BentleyArtist Livio Scarpella has been hired to work on the statue. “I received the commission, but have never actually met Balotelli, so I am working from photographs,”  he told Il Giornale di Brescia. “I presented various sketches, but Mario wanted to be immortalized in the pose after a goal: muscles in evidence and an expression to challenge the opponents.

“I imagined him as an athlete from ancient times. The statue will be between the classic and pop style, in platinum and colored bronze with the eyes made of precious stones.”

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