Manti Te’o quits Twitter, says goodbye to all his imaginary friends

Manti Te’o stopped Tweeting after the Super Bowl to focus on the NFL draft, but before left, he wanted to say goodbye to all his friends.

“I wanted to say goodbye one last time” Te’o said.  “We had so many good times, the ups, the downs, the purely fictional, it’s all good. ”

Te’o wanted to give one last shout out to his other mistress Jaunita Nua, a Facebook friend he’s never met, who has one leg and eats out of a dog bowl.

“Jaunita, you are the truth.” he said, “I should have dated you, maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess now.”

“And to all my friends who have sent me fake photos, disguised their voices on phone calls, and tailored themselves to my ego, I say thank you.”

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