Guns don’t shoot people, stupid people shoot themselves

Red Sox prospect Bryce Brentz will miss his chance to attend spring training because he shot himself cleaning his gun. It’s a wonder how pro athletes make it out of the house alive sometimes. The 24-year-old received an invitation from Red Sox manager Ken Farrell, but that will have to wait with a bullet in his leg. Alex Speier of WEEI, who shed some light on the incident:

“He had an accident. He was at home cleaning a gun and accidentally went off. He was injured in the process. Fortunately for him it’s something he’s going to recover from and be fine and won’t affect his baseball career. He wasn’t 100 percent physically able, or wouldn’t be at the beginning of camp. We ended up not bringing him to big league camp because he wouldn’t be able to participate 100 percent.”

“He was cleaning a gun and it accidentally went off. The bullet went into his leg and out the other side. I guess you could say he got lucky relative to what happened. I think he understands he got lucky and it’s a serious thing and he has to be careful. He’s here in Fort Myers and he’s recovering and it’s not going to get in the way of his future, but he won’t be in big league camp.”

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