Boxer takes a dive against former Falcon Ray Edwards, gets suspended

This just didn’t look right at all. Former Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards towered over this guy, who was a last minute replacement for Ray’s no-show opponent.

In fact, Nicholas Capes is a cruiserweight and Edwards is a heavyweight. The story is that the poor guy got spooked at the prospect of getting absolulety pummeled by Edwards, so he took an obvious dive only 13 seconds into the match.

“I feel terrible for him,” event promoter Cory Rapacz told WDAY-TV. “(Capes) got scared and looked for a way out.”

North Dakota’s secretary of state and overseer of combative sports events, Al Jaeger promptly suspended him after watching the video. “As we move ahead, we’ll take appropriate action as the investigation review unfolds,” he told The Forum.

“Tickets were 50 bucks apiece,” said Bryan Domholt, who attended the event. “That’s a lot of money to spend on a fake sanctioned event.”

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