Bob Kraft breaks hip in bizarre party incident with Rob Gronkowski

New Enlgand Patriots owner Bob Kraft was very concerned over the latest partying video of Rob Gronkowski wrestling with friends in Las Vegas, so much so that he hopped a private jet and tracked down Rob at an area nightclub.

“I just wanted to have a quick talk with Rob about the path he’s going down, about all the drinking, the women, the all night partying… it’s gotta stop,” Kraft said. “So I ordered myself a whiskey sour from the bar and sat him down for a little man to man talk. Next thing I know, more whiskey sours are being shoved in my face and the last thing I remember is being on Rob’s shoulders waving some young woman’s bra around.”

The rest of the details are fuzzy, but witnesses say Gronk threw the 71-year-old into a crowd of people waiting to catch him, only for him to land on a bar stool and crumble to the floor.

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