Manti Te’o isn’t the first to have a fake significant other

As the mystery deepens, let’s look back to some other notable figures who claimed to have a so-called boyfriend or girlfriend.

Too bad the following is nothing but fictional TV, and Te’o’s story is very real (and very weird).

Check out’s lengthy chronology of the weirdness.


George Costanza and his dead ‘model’ girlfriend

George uses a picture of a woman Jerry is dating to pass her off as his actual dead fiancé Susan to gain access to the “Forbidden City”, a club of attractive women and models. His plan blows up when he accidentally burns the photo with a hair dryer. He then cuts out a random model’s photo from a magazine to use in order to get back into the exclusive club, but gets busted when he shows the photo to the actual model in the magazine.


Jan Brady and ‘George Glass’

Poor Jan, little sister to popular Marcia, made this boyfriend up when she was spurned by Clark, who shows interest in Marcia.

She saves face by making up a fictitious boyfriend George Glass.

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